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How much is the entry fee for the team event?

Entry fee is £100 per team.

What time will the team event commence?

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 6 players.

  2. Played to Blackball rules, teams will typically play 60 frames of pool, before they can be knocked out of the tournament.

  3. If a player is required to play in a singles match at the same time that his/her team is also playing, then the team must play a reserve in his/her place.

  4. Players lag for break at start of each frame.

  5. Order of play sheet must be completed for each match prior to starting, and is divided into sets of 5 frames, with a race to 3 or  40 minutes.

  6. Players can only play once in any set and reserve players can be included in any match.

Saturday Round Robin

  1. Teams divided into random groups of 4 to play a round robin. Each match consists of 5 sets of ‘first to 3 frames’ or 40 minutes. Teams to play all 5 sets. 

  2. Teams score 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Frame difference ranks teams with equal points.

  3. Top two teams out of 4 from each group enter the Team Cup Knockout on Sunday.

  4. Bottom two teams from each group enter the Team Plate Knockout on Sunday.

  5. Teams that are tied on points in group stages will decide the winner through a Blackball shootout. Frame difference will not be used.

Sunday Knockout 

  1. Last 16 knockout stages for both the Team Cup and Plate events.

  2. Format will be best of 10 knockout stage – if a tie occurs at 5 frames all, match goes to a penalty shootout, to decide the winner.

Penalty Shootout Rule

  1. 5 penalties are taken by each team, highest scorer wins. Sudden death if tie occurs.

  2. An order of play sheet must be created and followed.

  3. The black ball is placed on the spot at the rack end of the table.

  4. Player can position cue ball anywhere behind the baulk line.

  5. Player must pot the black ball, using one shot, to score a goal.

  6. If the black ball fails to pot, or the white ball is potted or a foul is committed, then the penalty is considered a miss.

  7. If score is a draw after all shots taken, then a sudden death round begins, following the order of play sheet.

  8. Both players must take their shot i.e. if player one misses, then their opponent must take their shot and pot to win.

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